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I totally enjoyed the 8-Week Mindful Self-Compassion course. Catherine was a tremendous asset in helping us to go through all the material. Her teaching style is so accessible and easy to follow....making the class engaging and fun. She has a gift, and I appreciate that I was able to experience it. ~DK

This class was amazing and I recommend every student at Ramapo College takes it.  It helped to relax your mind and body during the day and focus on yourself.  It also was an interesting course that taught you about the mind and body.  Professor Magner was great and showed how much she cared for all of her students and was always there for all of us. ~IB, Ramapo College student


This course was absolutely amazing. There was a lovely balance of information and experiential learning within the class that led to true insight and discovery. I have learned practices and wisdom in this class that has positively impacted my life and will continue to for years to come. Professor Magner is very kind and supportive, and I highly recommend taking this course if you would like to find how to offer yourself some more care and compassion or if you are just looking to add more mindfulness into your life. ~LL, Ramapo College student


This course was truly wonderful, and has impacted me in ways I did not fully realize until many weeks after completion. I am so glad I took this class when I did! ~HM, Ramapo College student


I cannot be more happy with my decision to enroll in this course! This course was an absolute gift and taught me an extremely diverse set of self-compassion practices that I will continue to carry with me throughout my life. This course helped me to welcome a newly heightened level of positivity and self-love into my life which I have been wanted to achieve for a long time. ~EM, Ramapo College student


I think they chose the perfect person to teach this course. I enjoyed everything we covered and you took your time with us. I was comfortable with being myself in your course and that is not something I get to experience often. ~CS, Ramapo College student


This course is great entrance point into the world of mindfulness, meditation, and self-compassion. The tools you will learn throughout the course will provide you with a practical foundation for navigating stress and negativity. In the crazy times we live in, the relationship you have with yourself has never been more important, and this course is a great way to get to know & love yourself better. ~CT, Ramapo College student


Life-changing! ~PW, Ramapo College student


The Mindfulness Self Compassion course is a beautiful learning and growing experience. After completing this course, I am not only kinder to myself, but offer compassion and ease to others. Catherine is a wonderful instructor who goes about her teaching with passion and understanding. ~LZ, Ramapo College student

I do many online meditations, but this practice every Monday is my favorite! ~JO 

I took Catherine's summer class during a difficult transition in my life. I was experiencing anxiety and mild depression and her class really helped me learn self-compassion towards myself when those negative feelings I couldn't control in my body will rise to the surface. She is filled with wisdom, kindness, and I am so grateful I found her. I have continued to take what I learned from her class into my daily life by giving myself self-compassion breaks and just allowing all the feeling to come up and being kind to myself. My love for my meditation practice is growing thanks to teachers like Catherine and many others I am discovering on my journey. ~CD


I really enjoyed her meditation sessions. Catherine has a wonderful voice and presence. Looking forward to joining more meditations in the future. ~KC

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and was impressed with Catherine's teaching skills, accessibility, and how much effort she seemed to put into each class. I loved listening to her guided meditations.....they were easy to follow and I wanted them to go on and on....something I don’t usually feel when I meditate. Thank you for a wonderful experience ~DK

Her weekly sessions have been a great help at this time. Well worth the time. A welcome addition to my toolbox and I highly recommend it. ~HF


Catherine is a wonderful, experienced meditation teacher, good for beginners or long-time meditators. She has a warm personality and guides participants skillfully. ~CT

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